Anton Heyboer®

"Love bad-good", 1971

4-bladige collage op van Gelder papier, 200 x 130 cm.

Tekst op de vier bladen:


 in creativity four of four love
first left above in seeiing
bad and good are one
human splitted it in right
human is to be .. for right
so love
put bad and good together
eternity was
human  .. no  .. eternity (has no right for eternity?)
love is
eternity again
always again
signed anton heyboer september 1971



 in creation three of four love – on left below in one left below in seeing
accepted bad and good are one
this is the conscience of no human
human split them and the human mind is THIS
the free conscience
is true
is eternity
as base
is consciens as base
is bad and good are one
Is life and death are one
the to have this inside is living



 in creation one of four love two above in seeing
the always as know good is bad split by human
to feel(?) bad takes out always
to feel good takes out always
so this is


 two in creation of four love two below in seeing
the know is true
she and other she


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